The Knockout has been described as many things—the ultimate beer bong attachment, a condo weed and beer bong, even the MacGyver of bongs. This handy little contraption even got the honor of awarded ‘The Greatest Stoner Engineering Feat’ in the 2013 Munchies Awards by Reddit. What exactly is The Knockout Beer Bong Pipe and why does it deserve all these accolades? And more importantly, how do you get your hands on one? Here’s everything you need to know:

The Knockout Bong Decoded

This multipurpose, hardworking bong essentially lets you smoke weed while drinking beer. It serves 4 main purposes. You can use it as:

  • A beer shotgun
  • A gravity pipe
  • A water pipe, and
  • A beer gravity pipe

This intuitive little contraption is easy to use and slips right onto almost all kinds of bottlenecks.

  • Want to use it as a beer bong? Fill the bottle and flip upside down. Let the air flows up via the tube and your beer flow down smoothly.
  • Want to use it as a water bong? Pack your weed into the bowl, then fill the bottle half-way, and light the bowl.
  • Want to use it as a combo gravity bong and beer bong? Light the bowl and let the smoke fill the bottle. Once you’ve finished your booze, the smoke enters the tube and you get a strong hit.

But wait—there’s more. Use the stainless steel part of the device to pop open beer caps. The valve can even become a part horn!

How to Buy The Knockout

The Knockout Beer Bong is available online at Simply click ‘Order Now’ and indicate how many of these beer bong pipes you want (share the love—buy one for all your mates). Click ‘Add to Cart’ and then click ‘Checkout.’ Indicate your billing address, your shipping address, and pay via credit card or PayPal. You can expect The Knockout to arrive at your door in just a few days. This super portable beer bong pipe fits your pocket and also comes with a carrying bag.