We talked to some of the customers who bought The Knockout beer bong pipe recently, and here’s what they had to say. We hope that these reviews—good and bad—help you decide if buying this the Knockout Beer Bong is right for you!

Practice Makes Perfect

When I first tried using The Knockout straight out of the box, I was disappointed. I thought I had wasted my money. But then I tired two times more to work through the learning curve and realized that the only problem was that I wasn’t sucking hard enough to pull the smoke out of the bottle. Note that this product has an end cap, so you need to suck hard in order to pull the smoke and let the beer flow out. Once I learned this, it was all smooth sailing! – John (Chicago)

Great Gift

I ordered this for my boyfriend for his birthday. Let’s just say I got the Best Girlfriend of the Year Award. The Knockout works amazingly! It definitely chugs much faster than a beer bong. – Daphne (London)

Loving It

I love this clever thing. It definitely makes any party loads of fun. Thank you for posting videos about all of the things The Knockout can do, as those definitely helped. Be safe and use it responsibly, but have fun of course! Bring this with you everywhere and you’re guaranteed to have a great time! – Jenny (Los Angeles)

Worth Every Penny

At first I thought it was kind of expensive for a beer and weed bong combo, but I decided to go ahead and get it. I immediately saw why it was priced the way it was. It’s seriously durable and made of silicone and high quality stainless steel. This is an awesome product all in all. Very versatile! I have used many ways and bring it to every party. Everyone gets lit! – Joseph (West Virginia)