For those of you who missed the 2013 Reddit Munchies Awards (yes, there was such a thing), here’s some interesting news: The Knockout Beer Bong won the Greatest Stoner Engineering Feat category. Snoop Dogg presented this honor online, in front of fans, via Reddit. In a video nearing one million views, Snoop is shown reacting to seeing a demo of how The Knockout works.

“The winner is The Knockout, which is a combo beer and weed bong,” Snoop declared, verifying that the contraption is indeed the world’s most incredible bong. “Man, this shit is crazy.”

After watching the demo, Snoop added, “That was fucking awesome. That was some of the most clever shit I’ve seen. That shit was dope. Congratulations.”

It’s easy to see why The Knockout Beer Bong Pipe won the Greatest Stoner Engineering Feat in the 2012 Munchies Awards—and why Snoop loves it. This smart little thing is a multipurpose beer bong that essentially lets you get drunk while toting. Often described as the MacGyver of beer bongs, this beer shotgun, gravity pipe, water pipe, and beer gravity pipe combo was designed in Canada by two engineers and a pilot. The prototype was released in 2012 and has since been tweaked to create the current version. The Knockout beer bong has taken Canada by storm and hit the US in 2013, when it was presented on that year’s Hempfest Protestival—the largest cannabis protest rally in world.

If you have ever been too shy to approach people in a party, just whip pit the KnockOut and let them come to you. Everyone will want to know what this contraption is and how it works—and you can proudly show it off. A word of caution, though: The Knockout Beer Bong is not for amateur partiers. To get full use of this game-changing beer bong pipe, you have to be able to chug then toke without so much as a pause. Can you handle that? Then it’s time to buy TheKnockout Beer Bong Pipe online.