Because it looks somewhat similar to the water pipes you made yourself back in the day—except much sturdier and serious looking—The Knockout beer bong is very easy to use. It is easy to slip right onto bottlenecks of all sizes so you can party right away. This revolutionary beer bong pipe is a well-engineered product made of food grade silicone and stainless steel, so cleaning it is as easy as cleaning any other kitchen utensil.

To use The Knockout as a beer bong shotgun, just fill your bottle with beer, attach this contraption, and flip everything upside down. Leave the one-hitter bowl empty. You might notice air flowing up through the tube, sending your beer down and flowing smoothly. Do you want to chug faster than you ever have before? Then simply eliminate the connector and bottom piece. The air then flows directly into the bottle.

To use The Knockout a water bong, simply jam your herbs into the one-hitter bowl. Then, fill the beer bottle half-way. Go ahead and light. Enjoy the sensations.

Of course, if you’re a serious partier, then the only way to use The Knockout is to use it to its full potential. Make it do what it’s designed to do—that is, to serve as a gravity bong and beer bong simultaneously. Want to hit the pipe and chug? The moment you light the bowl, smoke starts filling the bottle—and you start enjoying your herb of choice. The smoke then gets into the tube as you finish your beer. Now that’s a knockout hit!

Although it’s primarily a party accoutrement, the virtually indestructible Knockout beer bong pipe can be used anywhere—when you go to music festivals, go camping, on road trips, etc. It’s very easy to clean. The pieces can be taken apart and washed in a regular dishwasher. You can clear the bowl after each use, too, simply by blowing on the other end of the curved tube. And if residue builds up, use pipe cleaners and standard glass cleaning solutions.